Green 4 Compound Villa – el-sheikh zayed

Compound Green 4

Now The blok Mall Green 4 Mall El Sheikh Zayed

The Block’s will offer an attractive, durable exterior finishes with curtain walls to reflect our urban inspiration and upbringing , perfectly settled where it belongs while promoting just the right mood for its environment. All of our spaces are semi – finished to allow all business owners to express themselves and their businesses .
All the building units will have a clear identity and visibility from the main road .

The BLOC will provide a facility management company to be in charge of the building maintenance, security, cleaning and more services to enhance more comfortable working living environment .

Location – A Strategic Spot 

Compound Green 4 Over an area of 25 feddans on the hilltop overlooking the Mehwar and close to the celebrated project Palm Hills and the Gezira Sporting Club, Green 4 is strategically located with direct access to the highway – making a trip into the city center a matter of minutes. it is also at a convenient spot in the 6th of October, with the commercial district and business center a short drive away .

Master Plane – Compound Green IV

Green 4 Compound – Meticulously planned to achieve optimal use of space across the development the 178 twin houses enjoy the perfect balance between nature and buildings The green area and water features are skillfully positioned offering a variety of views from the homes As for the practical services and amenities , these are all located at a short distance from your home – designed down to the smallest detail – for your peace of mind


Compound Green 4 - 6 October

About Mabany Company 

            For more than 20 years Mabany for Real Estate Investment has been making contributions to the lives of Egyptians in the city of 6 October in Green Residence 1, 2 and 3. We take pride in developing residential communities with homes designed and built to match different lifestyles. We have also developed commercial areas that serve large residential communities – Tivoli 6th of October – as well as industrial areas that complement support industries; namely warehousing and logistics. As for the medical sector, it gives us pride to present Cairo with its first fully integrated Medical Complex – Rofayda – also located in the 6 October.

 01007786800  –   01000065053

Villa for sale in compound Green 4 -at 6 October El Sheikh Zayed Compound 

Villa Compound Green 4 – el-sheikh zayed 

Leave your unit for sale with us at the best prices and as soon as possible


كمبوند جرين 4 بالشيخ زايد – 6 اكتوبر من مباني ادريس على المحور وبالقرب من مول العرب وميدان جهينة

يقع مشروع كمبوند جرين 4 بالقرب من مجموعه كمبوندات هو خلف كمبوند الصفوة سيتي وبجوار كمبوند بالم هيلز وكمبوند بامبو واما نادي الجزيرة الرياضي

مساحة المشروع  25 فدان مباني على 4.5 فدان بنسبة 19% من مساحة الارض

كمبوند جرين 4 بالشيخ زايد به مجموعه من الخدمات مثل مركز تجاري متكامل نادي اجتماعي وبحيرات صناعية احواض اسماك مساحات خضراء

الكمبوند عبارة عن فيلات توين هاوس بعدد 178فيلا توين

فلل تقسيط بكمبوند جرين 4 الشيخ زايد 6 اكتوبر

Compound Green 4 - 6 October

Villa for sale in compound green 4 – in 6 October El Sheikh Zayed Compound 

Delivery : Now

Payments :  10% Contract and the rest Over 5 Years

                    20% Contract and the rest Over 6 Years

                    30% Contract and the rest Over 7 Years

Maintenance 500 LE per Meter Land area

المبيعات : 01007786800  – 01000065053

 تمتع بروعة التصميم و الدقة في التنفيد بكمبوند جرين 4 اكتوبر